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South Padre Island, Texas TOPS the chart in Spring Break destination in the US. SOUTH PADRE ISLAND. Spring breakers get the from SPI Texas via the varied number of offers they make available to their vacationers.

With the beautiful reviews from past customers, they stand the test of time being an excellent location for a college spring break trip. The milestone was not achieved overnight; In fact, research says this destination brings thousands of visitors to the Island and in 2016, the sales revenue harnessed $30.5 million. In 2017 however, SPI is shaping up to be the busiest, with the beach outside Clayton’s Beach Bar and other places across the state being a place to be.

Consequently, SPI was named the most popular spring break destination in the world. This was established after a couple of Google searches by interested persons pronounced the Texas party spot as the world’s second most popular destination for an annual college blowout.

Year in and out, college kids flood the nearest beach town for almost a week, unwind and get involved in other terrible things. Conversely, the bigger picture is how long SPI stands to shape up and sustain the economy. During a Spring Break, you can have up to 5,000 Spring Breakers especially on Clayton-being the most prominent beach bar in Texas and the busiest of course.

SPI offers Spring Breakers plenty of entertainment- such as music, dances, partying and others. There are venues for concerts, contests, night clubs, and other attractions. During Spring Break season the Island gets busier. Moreover, in preparation for the crowds, there is security enforcement with an increase in the number of the police force, jail staffs, and lifeguards to keep things in order.

SPI has a travel guide for all, and it is ranked #5 in the cheap Spring Break destinations in the United States. This means it is among the top 10 affordable places for Spring Break. Visit SPI is not only limited to the Springs season, especially for someone who wants to avoid the rowdiness- the time is between September and February. In other words, you can enjoy Spring Break at your own time, because of the flexibility it provides.

The hotel rates are low when compared to other destinations and they provide amenities and an ideal location, perfect for an unforgettable Spring Break experience.

Everybody wants to go to SPI because of the great experience and how affordable it actually is. Also, a great meal plan is delivered with your trip to SPI, which includes fresh seafood; with sparkling blue water and a blend of funky hotels and bars to choose from.
In turn, you can save money on SPI by:

1. Reserving in advance
2. Leaving your car behind
3. Beating spring break rates

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