E-Tickets & check in information are not made available for you to download on our website & print off, nor are they emailed to you until full & final payment has been made by all group members. Additionally, Spring Break Mafia requires signed, paper copies of two other travel documents, which are the Travel Terms & Conditions (Tour Agreement) as well as a signed authorization to bill form for the credit card used to pay for the trip (if you used one).Once all members of the group traveling are paid in full, and all required travel documents are in, we will email you your travel documents (login to our website is required to obtain your electronic tickets & check in information). We do not mail tickets!

Inertia Tours NEVER uses paper tickets! NOTHING WILL BE MAILED TO YOU. If you have provided us with an email address, email notification will be sent to your Group Leader or your Travel Agent when your tickets are ready, usually 7-14 days prior to departure. Inertia Tours is not responsible for incorrect email addresses entered into our reservation system.