One of the most common reasons our clients book vacations with us are our onsite parties and events that are available as part of our optional Red Carpet VIP Party Package.For our International destinations, we are small enough that we are able to combine with several other travel companies, all on different nights. This is a HUGE benefit to you as our traveler – as you won’t be locked into seeing the same exact people every night at our events, but lots of fresh faces. In South Padre Island, Texas, we are the ONLY party each night that is organized. Don’t be fooled by anyone that tells you otherwise. Find someone, anyone (Bueller?) that went on spring break to South Padre last year and ask them who they partied with!

We offer an iron-clad guarantee about this fact. We set up the newest, hottest clubs, couple them with the DJ’s and most fresh MTV celebrity appearance entertainers possible. You couple this with the hottest spring break people we book, drink specials, and wild contests…and you have an Inertia Travel Event party.

For the true hookup, pre-purchase an Spring Break Mafia Red Carpet VIP Party Package that is available for all of our spring break destinations. What is so very nice about this package is, you will have the peace-of-mind knowing that you will be “at” the right place each & every night, at fully packed venues. Plus, it ends people bickering about where to go and makes budgeting easier.