These forms are due a minimum of (21) days prior to your arrival at your destination by ALL group members traveling. Click on the below forms to simply print off your computer. You may either fax them to us 888 344 4087 OR scan in & email (, or send via US Postal Service – ONLY send Priority Mail with a delivery confirmation.If our office does not receive these – your arrival information will not be emailed to you.

Note: A credit card authorization to bill form is only required if you used a credit card to pay off your trip balance. If you are traveling internationally with airfare, you MUST have a valid US Passport to travel.

Credit Card Authorization to Bill Form

Terms & Conditions of the Tour Operator Participant Contract (TPA)

Parental Authorization & Consent form to travel for minors under 18 years of age

For South Padre Island, we need some additional forms that you BRING WITH YOU (the Group Leader will be emailed these as well as receive them in the mail).
At time of check, you must have two credit cards (Debit cards not accepted) per condo to insure us against excessive damages. Must have cards in hand, front & back copies of the credit cards, and copies of everyone’s State Issued ID, (not your fake –we don’t card for age this is for safety reasons). In lieu of credit cards, we will accept a $500 PER PERSON damage deposit which is refundable. Why is it so high? It’s a hassle to collect & return.

We use credit cards just like a hotel. If no damages, your carbon is destroyed.

If you have more than 4 people in an efficiency/1 bedroom condo, 6 people in a two bedroom condo, or 8 people in a three bedroom condo, then an over occupancy form is also required.

For International Travelers needing Express Passport Service (as quick as a 7 day turnaround is possible) – call our office