Ok, if you book with Spring Break Mafia, you are guaranteed to receive our Meal Plan for South Padre Island, Texas. Ski doesn’t include meals, nor does Panama City Beach. Cancun & Puerto Vallarta you will generally be on all inclusive. If not, a meal plan is included.
What this means is, you get 2 dine-around restaurant meals per day(not at the hotel) on a pre-set menu at certain times. When you go through your welcome briefing/orientation at all of our destinations, you receive meal plan vouchers. You will be given ticket vouchers to turn in at each restaurant or venue for your meal.
It is important to note, that all meal plan meals do not include the $2 tip & tax due at the time of service per meal per person. The meals we offer are not prime rib with a nice merlot. Don’t be a jackball. It isn’t “at any restaurant” (this is a dumb thing to even think) There are things like grilled chicken sandwich with fries. Teriyaki Chicken with fried rice. Cheeeburger & chips. Etc etc. Adequate & suited to student’s taste as specific restaurants at specific times. You can get by with eating just the meal plan – but probably not.
The meals are located at various restaurants around the destination you chose, and are not at your hotel. A special student menu of 1-4 choices will be offered (no, it’s not order anything you want off the menu, but fun comfort food – you will enjoy). Remember, not all inclusions are created equal! We do NOT offer a “free” meal plan (which sucks), and a “for purchase” so-called “premium” meal plan that is actually what you can stomach.
We only offer one, premium meal plan, and it is free of charge. This is easy to double check if you are shopping around travel agencies. Require that your travel provider email you the EXACT (not what they “think,” or “last years”) meal program – the exact restaurants with the exact menu. Chances are, they either will not, or they cannot. This should raise a real red flag of warning.
Book with Inertia, we will gladly send you one.