Well, how long is the delay? If it’s a matter of hours…relax. Flight delays are unfortunate, but are an inherent risk in air travel. Generally, one of two things delays flights – weather (an act of God, he/she does love to make it snow in March) or mechanical failure (which gets repaired, or the airline uses another plane – but this takes some time).What is very important, you remain calm, crack open a book, stay hydrated, and get some food. Do not leave the flight, purchase another one at your own expense (unless you’ve struck it rich), or make about 99 calls to our office – believe us, we do not want you delayed! Remember, inconveniences or “your time” are not something you will be compensated for. In plain English, don’t travel if you can’t handle flight delays – because they happen on a daily basis on hundreds upon hundreds of flights.

As a result of recent changes in US D.O.T. regulations, air carriers/tour companies are no longer required to provide any compensation (i.e. meals, accommodations, missed vacation time, your time, and travel component features) unless a delay is more than 48 hours. If you have purchased the optional travelers insurance policy, which has limited provisions for flight delays, & potentially some available compensation (minimal) Contact us after you get home (save ALL receipts for food & hotel) or our insurance provider directly.