Depending on your destination choice, we may have an All-Inclusive hotel room option, a Standard room option (sometimes called an EP or European Plan Room), or you may have a choice between the two. With an All-Inclusive hotel room option, the cost of your trip includes all meals & drinks right at your hotel during designated times by showing your All-Inclusive ID the hotel provides, or an All Inclusive wristband provided to you when you check-in. Remember, the included Spring Break Mafia student travel wristband does not mean you have all inclusive. The Standard hotel room option means that you are only booking a hotel room at that hotel and you will need to purchase your hotel meals and drinks separately while you are a guest at your own out of pocket expense. If the hotel offers both room types they will be able to distinguish between guests by assigning different color wristbands which will identify which room type you purchased, or requiring you to provide your electronic room key.
Remember, some nominal tipping is still required even if you choose all inclusive. In our opinion, in some of the more expensive international destinations like Cancun, all inclusive can make one heck of a lot of sense. The additional upfront outlay of money before you travel can save you a ton of money onsite. Plus, it definitely makes your trip more luxurious by you just plunking down poolside, ordering whatever you want, and having it all included — it’s a super nice option, particularly if you are booking a large student travel group that might have “cheapskates” that you don’t want to hear complaining about how much money they are spending the whole time.
Our domestic trips like South Padre Island & Panama City Beach do not offer all inclusive (mostly because it’s illegal to give away unlimited booze, particularly in Texas) mostly due to the fact that these destinations offer huge condos with full kitchen that allow you to bring in your own liquor — the of both worlds! South Padre Island’s beaches are BYOB and open container legal.