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The process to book a trip is very easy, as there are several ways to accomplish this depending on what you are most comfortable with. At Spring Break Mafia , we know some people want to talk to a real person, while others prefer to thoughtfully write their questions to us. Either method is perfectly fine with us.#1 – The Old Skool Method – Call Us

Simply call toll free 877-633-2386 & listen to the options depending on what trip you’d like to take, and our VoIP phone system will connect you to the next available trip specialist.

We always, and we mean always – will provide you with a Texas-friendly hello, free advice (sometimes you will book with us, sometimes that fit won’t be perfect, no worries), and we will walk you through the process. Our phone specialists are non-judgmental and bluntly honest, so feel free to talk freely when you do call about your real questions.

It is always helpful if you are in front of a computer with internet access – even if you don’t know how to use the internet or websites well, our Reps will walk you through it to view hotel & condo pictures, read reviews, and see destination maps so you can see where things are located.

It is helpful when you call that you have some idea to answer at least a portion of these questions below as it will help our Reps pair you with the ideal spring break or winter break vacation:

• Per person trip cost you have in mind (your budget)
•Your preferred week of travel
•The approximate number of people that might want to go
•Your preferred destination choice (or, at least tell us what is most important for you & your friends for destinations – having more than one choice is a smart move as a consumer)
• The closest airport if you plan on getting a flight

Sometimes, the oldest way is the way to book a trip with us, as our Reps can ask lots of pertinent, effective questions to really mine from you your specific wants & needs. We want to get you the possible trip.

Our veteran Reps can take your credit card information right over the phone, and have your trip booked in less than five minutes.

#2 – The Writers Way – Email Us
Our General Email should you want to contact us is Don’t worry about it going to the right person or department, we’ll direct it internally within our Company from this General Email.

It is helpful in your email if you can answer these questions right away as well, as we’ll undoubtedly email you back to inquire with this list if you do not:

• Per person trip cost you have in mind (your budget)
• Your preferred week of travel
• The approximate number of people that might want to go
• Your preferred destination choice (or, at least tell us what is most important for you & your friends for destinations – having more than one choice is a smart move as a consumer)
• The closest airport if you plan on getting a flight

If you just have a quick question about something specific, shoot away. You’ll get a super quick response with a specific contact person at our Company that you can email, or do a follow up call with. You won’t get handed off nor transferred to India or the Philippines. Our Reps sit in our office on South Padre Island, Texas.

It is totally possible to book your entire vacation via email with one of our Reps and never actually speak to a live person, if you so desire. We’re here to help. 877-633-2386

#3 – Self Service – Our Website

Did you know that travel is the 3rd most common way the internet is utilized as a means of conducting business? It is. At Spring Break Mafia, we’ve tried to design & develop a very well organized, insightful, and helpful website possible.

To book or at trip on our website, click the Price a Trip link on the top tool bar of this page.

This option is what we would call the traditional travel model to book your student vacation package. When you click a trip, you will enter in by selecting via the drop down boxes the destination you’d like to go to, the week of travel, the number of people you have, and your desired transportation method (air, bus, or hotel/condo only).

The system will then “pull” you through so you can view different hotel options, read general descriptions & view photos, and finally, click on your desired hotel choice.

Finally, the system will ask you to place down your initial down payment deposit. Our reservation system will generate a Booking Number, coupled with a login password that you and your friends can utilize to view your account, make payments on your account, and more.

It is important to know that our system allows you to use one, two, or multiple credit cards to make payments on your trip (i.e..each person can use their own credit card to make their own payments on their own account).

The flaw to using the traditional travel model is that you do need to either investigate or dig around our site to figure out where you want to travel to as far as a destination. Remember, whichever method you choose, our system is fully capable of booking your trip entirely online and never speaking to a real person if you so desire.



Sort of. We definitely aren’t doing bed checks, roll call, or babysitting anyone – we expect our travelers to act like responsible adults. Our American onsite staff are at key resort properties, staff our onsite offices, and are at EVERY Spring Break Mafia night event — we are on hand to answer questions, give advice, and make sure you are having a superb time. This adds a lot of built in value to our trips, vs. “going it alone” by just booking it online with some travel agent.Another nice thing our company provides is an on-location Welcome Briefing & Orientation. While you’ll be tired from all the traveling, you’ll learn important information at this time that will maximize your vacation experience, save you money, and keep your butt out of trouble on your spring break. We’ll tell you what to do in case of emergency, how to find our staff, and other important information so you’re both safe & sound, and having a blast.


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parties & events

One of the most common reasons our clients book vacations with us are our onsite parties and events that are available as part of our optional Red Carpet VIP Party Package.For our International destinations, we are small enough that we are able to combine with several other travel companies, all on different nights. This is a HUGE benefit to you as our traveler – as you won’t be locked into seeing the same exact people every night at our events, but lots of fresh faces. In South Padre Island, Texas, we are the ONLY party each night that is organized. Don’t be fooled by anyone that tells you otherwise. Find someone, anyone (Bueller?) that went on spring break to South Padre last year and ask them who they partied with!

We offer an iron-clad guarantee about this fact. We set up the newest, hottest clubs, couple them with the DJ’s and most fresh MTV celebrity appearance entertainers possible. You couple this with the hottest spring break people we book, drink specials, and wild contests…and you have an Inertia Travel Event party.

For the true hookup, pre-purchase an Spring Break Mafia Red Carpet VIP Party Package that is available for all of our spring break destinations. What is so very nice about this package is, you will have the peace-of-mind knowing that you will be “at” the right place each & every night, at fully packed venues. Plus, it ends people bickering about where to go and makes budgeting easier.


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Inertia Tours accepts personal checks, money orders, and cashiers’ checks, as well as Visa, MasterCard and Discover and PayPal ( is our PayPal). You may make credit card payments on our website, or by calling our office toll free 877-633-2386. For checks, money orders, or cashier’s checks, please send them to:Inertia Tours
PO Box 40095
South Padre Island, Texas 78597

YOU MUST SEND THEM via a tractable method! Mail service in Texas sucks. The cheapest way is go to the post office and send it priority mail WITH a delivery confirmation ($5.00)

If you want to send checks via DHL, Fed Ex or UPS, use our street address:

Inertia Tours
1515 Padre Blvd
South Padre Island, TX 78597.

DO NOT SEND US Mail here!

Should you desire to use PayPal to pay us, you can send money to via the PayPal system (Chad is the President of our Company). Please first send us an email inquiry before you do this or call us, so that we will know upfront what the payment is for, and from whom.

You can also wire money to our US Bank account, or do an instant transfer using Wells Fargo to our corporate account. We also take gold bars & wampum (kidding).


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The answer is…maybe. You’ll again need to call us if you’d like to investigate this option. Spring Break Mafia does NOT find roommates for single/solo travelers. We find them creepy.


Can you transfer reservation to someone else?

Usually you cannot do this. Call us though, and we’ll see if we can hook this up if it is possible.


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What if I have to cancel

We covered this earlier, but all payments & deposits with Inertia Tours are 100% non-refundable. Travel is not a refundable type of purchase. If you need to add more passengers, we of course do not charge you additional to do that.


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Late Paying

If you are late paying for your trip after final payment you will probably be assessed a late fee and you could be cancelled. Call our office toll free 877-633-2386 for details.


Not US citizen

If you are not a U.S. citizen, it is your responsibility to contact your local consulate and secure the necessary documents needed to travel to your chosen destination – this can require some legwork, so start your research now.If you don’t bring the right documentation to the airport you won’t be allowed to board the plane and you will not receive a refund of any kind, which sucks!


spending money

Well, this is very individual question, as it is completely based on both your destination choice, whether you have selected a completely all inclusive vacation, or want to go “all out” while on your trip. We certainly recommend not less than $300 USD for any 5 to 7 day vacation. Bear in mind, this represents “bare bones” budgeting. Most students will want much more money. Remember, this is a vacation – you WILL spend some money once you arrive on location, come prepared. No one wants to pay for the broke guy that didn’t plan.


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