Sunscreen Flask 3 Pack


  • No Leaking With 30 Strong Seals! Leak-proof, pressure-proof and smell-proof seals keep your booze, liquor, wine and beer in stealth until you’re ready to drink.
  • Easy Pouring! No Spilling Or Splashing! Easy-pour funnel allows you to quickly and easily fill each 9.7oz lotion bottle.
  • Extra-Secretive! Easily sneak past cruise ship security with new designs and smell-proof safety seals.
  • More Booze, More Fun! 9.7oz bottles (more than 275ml!) hold more alcohol than smaller ‘standard’ 8oz flasks, so you can have more fun with your friends.
  • Travel With EVEN MORE Liquor! 6 FREE resealable water bottle screw caps hide your favorite clear liquor in ANY standard water bottle.


Sunscreen Flask

Sunscreen Flask

Finally! Secret flasks that won’t leak, smell, or ‘pop’ under pressure! This 3-pack by NextParty keeps your booze securely contained until you’re partying and having fun at your next pool party or on your next cruise. 

Now with 30 LEAK-PROOF SEALS! Enough for 10 ‘rum runs’ with all 3 bottles. At nearly 10oz per bottle, that’s 300oz of liquor or roughly 5 FULL HANDLES of vodka, tequila, rum, or your favorite party drink. 


 30 LEAK-PROOF SEALS – Smell-proof for pre-party stealth. More seals than ever before allowing for more successful smuggling runs. 

 Extra Capacity! These bottles hold 20% more liquor than smaller 8oz bottles. More fun for everyone! 

 Easy-Pour Funnel – No spilling, no splashing, easy filling. 

 New Designs – Fool security every time. 

 FREE Resealable Water Bottle Caps! Bring booze with you in virtually any water bottle to keep the party going all night! 

For Easy Filling: 

1. Insert the funnel into the bottle 

2. Squeeze out some air 

3. Pour liquor into the funnel. Release pressure to create suction. 

4. Repeat until the bottle is full with 9.7oz of your favorite alcohol. 

5. Lightly squeeze the bottle to remove any last air bubbles, place a safety seal on top, and tighten the cap to ‘lock’ the safety seal in place. 

Wash Before Use. 

You’ll have a LOT of fun at your next pool or on your next cruise with the secret flasks from


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