Sand Remover Brush Pack


By: Beach Sandy

Wipe away sand and fingerprints.

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Sand Remover Brush Pack

With Microfiber Towel Clean Up Bag

  • Beach Sandy Beach brush kit portable,lightweight and durable microfiber towel bag with two brushes. A must have for your next trip to the beach! Wipe away sand from surf boards,beach toys, volleyballs,kites,tents,chairs and even the bottom of your beach bag.
  • Easy for kids to use.Learning how to clean up for youngsters on their own fosters independence.They can wipe their beach toys before bringing them home.
  • Light and compact Brushes stow away easily without taking up too much space.
  • Wipe away sand and fingerprints.Dust off sand and sticky sun block laden finger prints on screen devices and eyewear.
  • Clean up your pets! Brush off your dog after a nice beach stroll.Great for cleaning up paws! Relaxing brush strokes will make your pet happy.

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