Reusable blood drinking bags 10 PACK


  • 【Upgrade Material】Food grade PVC, more soft than Usual. Big volume 500ml. No need refill in full party
  • 【Upgrade Tube & Filling Funnel】Longer tube than usual. Special design of funnel assured It can fill bag within 20 seconds, solve filling problem
  • 【Reusable Blood Bag】No need throw it out after use, clear it and keep in fridge. Used in next party or as an Ice bag
  • 【Special Cup】Used for party, carnival, Halloween, Christmas, any holiday or travel as a surprise cup
  • 【Hanger&Hooking Hole】There is a hanger in the top. Aslo Blood bag comes with a prestamped hole in the bottom, convenient for hooking


Product description

The Best Gift for Your Family Party!
Makes a great container for party drinks as well as decorations. 
Cool blood energy bag, you can put your favorite beverage into the bag. 
It has a working tube, convenient for both funneling drinks and drinking. 
Be loved by Vampires all around the world
Scope of application: family, gift giving, market market retail, food packaging plant, service industries, props, restaurants, etc. 

Drinking not includ. Keep from heat. 
Overheating and freezing may damage the blood bag and cause leakage.
Do not squash or overfill the bag as this may cause tears in the blood bag

Pack:10pcs pack
A funnel and a clip styled stopper to avoid spillage and customizable labels.
Bag size: 8.3 * 4.1 inch 
Tube is 15 inches long ( Drink is not included )

Spring Break!

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