Portable Shower


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Enjoy your well-earned shower.

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Portable Shower

Expandable 4 gallons Bucket Removable Hose

  • HIGH WATER CAPACITY: With a water Bucket capacity of up to 4 gallons for a nice refreshing shower or two! Great for ‘On-the-Go’ quick clean ability perfect for outdoors or on the road refreshment!
  • EASILY TRANSPORTS: Hassle-Free design for easy transportation with quick setup and operation with a pop-out expanding bucket for space-saving storage. Compact in size and easy to take to go, just fill with water and you’re ready to shower!
  • MULTIPLE USES: Suitable for Indoor / Outdoor Showering, Pet Washing, Car Washing, Garden watering, Traveling and Camping, etc. Keep it in the backyard or the backseat you want this companion wherever you go!
  • SCIENTIFIC DESIGN: Unlike other gravity fed camping showers that need to be hung on a tree, this camp shower rests on the ground and delivers the pressure to wash hair or dishes when camping, or wash car and water your plants at home.
  • SUPER SIMPLE: Simply unfold the 4-gallon bucket. Fill it with water. Attach the hose. Flip the switch. Enjoy your well-earned shower.

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