Drinking Games Kit for Adults – BLACKOUT 20 Items Party Game Set


  • Drinking game
  • BLACKOUT DRINKING GAME KIT – The perfect college dorm room accessories gathered in one stylish box. This kit provides a helping hand for a successful party.
  • 20 PREMIUM ITEMS – High end Plastic Playing Cards, 40mm Tournament Ping Pong Balls, Loaded Dice, Drinking Dice, Spin the Shot, Dice, Shot Glasses & Drinking Games Booklet.
  • PERFECT GIFT – “Must Have” for Social Events, Barbecue, Birthdays, Spring Break, Fraternity & Sorority.
  • 100 % WATERPROOF – All items in this kit are waterproof to endure even the roughest pool parties and pre-games.


Blackout Drinking Games Kit 
This kit provides a helping hand for a successful party and is the perfect tool combined with your imagination. 

Need help getting the party started? Blackout drinking games kit will make every pre party entertaining. 
Play the classic “Kings” with these high end waterproof playing cards or play the traditional “Spin the Bottle” in a new fashion! Combine the drinking dice with the Loaded dice and have shots in a new and unique way, or play Beer Pong with the 40 mm Tournament grade Beer Pong balls. All of these waterproof drinking game accessories are gathered in an elegant box. We hope it brings you as much joy as it has brought us! 

– Not sure what to give your friend on her 21’st birthday? 
– Need something entertaining on the bachelor party? 
– Need all necessary pre-game supplies gathered in one place, easy to grab? 
This is the product for you! 

This kit includes 20 items 
– 6 Shot glasses 1.5 oz (4cl) 
– 6 Ping Pong balls 
– 2 Drinking Dice 
– 2 Regular Dice 
– High end plastic playing cards (waterproof) 
– Spin the Shot 
– Loaded Dice 

Spring Break!

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