Deklerk wireless waterproof bluetooth speaker


  • HIGH QUALITY SPEAKER: Deklerk has two 45mm built-in speaker. The high quality material that used in the speaker and the specially designed infrastructure allows Deklerk to produce high quality crystal clear sound regardless of its small size. Deklerk is capable of capturing and producing the sounds of all ranges which is the assurance for clear audio.
  • PORTABLE SPEAKER: Deklerk can be your companion wherever you go. Its size and comfortable design makes it a perfect portable speaker. Never leave you favourite songs at home. Bring them with you to the long journeys, camping, travelling and basically to any outdoor activity. Deklerk is dust proof, water resistant and portable.
  • EASY TO USE: Deklerk is designed in a way so the usage is easy and comfortable. Use the multifunctional buttons to navigate through your playlist, go back and forth and choose the song you desire the most. Once connected with your phone you no longer need to carry it with you everywhere. Even in the shower you can answer your calls and make the conversation.
  • WATER-RESISTANT: IPX-4 rating makes Deklerk water resistant against the splashing water and dust proof. The surrounding rubber case protects your speaker from impact. So take it easily to the shower, or pool or beachside etc. It can be used as a shower speaker, shower radio, tub speaker, pool speaker or beach speaker. DO NOT IMMERSE Deklerk in the water. It is designed to be resistant solely against the water splash and dust.
  • STRONG BATTERY: Deklerk is designed with 400mAh rechargeable battery which assures a non-stop operation up to 4 hours. Charges fast and you will have your singing partner again for another four hour non-stop party.


Quick Details

  • “Bluetooth model:V3.0
  • “Power: 5 W
  • “Power charge : DC(5V 500-1000 mA)
  • “Battery:500mAh
  • “Speaker:45 mm
  • TF card:available
  • “Battery type: Polymer lithium battery
  • “Frequency Response 120Hz-22KHz
  • Bulit in Microphone
  • Radio

Product description

    • Long lasting battery

“Deklerk has up to 4 hours of battery life to say charged on the go .Get a quick charge and use up to 4 hours, which saves you from constant charging, especially when Deklerk is used outdoor.

    • Crystal Clear Sound

“Deklerk has A2DP and built with a 5W speaker, which streams incredible stereo sound with full range output.

    • Bulit in Microphone

“Deklerk has a built-in Mic. In addition, hands=free functions, that gives you opportunity to pick up a call while having a shower or driving a car, anywhere while it is connected to you smartphone.

    • Easy wireless connecting

“You can connect your Deklerk via any Bluetooth enabled devices such as Samsung, iPhone and iPad, watch, tablets, PC etc.


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