Cruise Ship Flask


Brand:Cruise Runners Rum Runners



Cruise Ship Flask

Cruise Ship Flask

Genuine Cruise Runners ® Flasks
Cruise Alcohol Flasks

Holds Almost 3 Half Gallons or 7 – 750ml

Undetectable by Metal Detectors and X Ray Scanners…Yess!
Don’t worry, we also include clear instructions and tips on how to
pack your flasks for success every time!

Special Buy “Stateroom 9 Pack” with Bonus!
Your Kit Includes:
6 x 32oz. Clear Plastic Alcohol Flasks
2 Free 8oz. Bonus Clear Plastic Alcohol Flasks
1x Travel Funnel For On-The-Go Filling
Packing Instructions

Non Toxic, BPA Free, Washable, Reusable, Flexible, Non Metal

Save TONS On Your Cruise!

This kit has been designed by very experienced Rum Runners.
We like to “keep it simple and inexpensive”!

Here’s The “Secret Sauce!”
Take the 8oz. flasks on-shore, to the beach or enjoy your own drinks on the Lido Deck, in the Jacuzzi or at the Night Club.The clear plastic flasks conceal easily, completely undetected, into a pocket of your shorts, pants or jacket. When empty, just refill from your Stateroom stash! (the 32 oz’er) Refill your 32 oz flasks at any Port Of Call DUTY FREE! Simple and fun!

Genuine Cruise Runners® Quality You Can Trust
Cruise Runners® Have Leak-Proof, Positive Seal Spouts and “Positive Vibes!”
Cruise Runners Clear Plastic Flasks Are Manufactured To The Highest Standards. Leak-Proof, Tamper-Proof Safety Seal Caps, Wide Heat Stamped Seams to Ensure Durability and Lasting Quality! 150 microns thick, BPA Free and Food Grade quality!

Party Hard, They Can Take It!

Don’t Be A Victim Of High-Seas Robbery!

Sneak Alcohol On A Cruise

Consider These Facts…
Lets say you have 3 liquor drinks per day on the cruise. We know, 7 days no work, but lets just say 3 liquor drinks, Ok?. So 3 x $8.00 including automatic tip = $24.00 per day just for you.

Your “significant other” has 3 liquor drinks too. At least, Right? That’s a combined $48.00 per day x the typical 7 day Cruise = $336.00, with just 3 liquor drinks per day!

That doesn’t even include the occasional Margarita, Rum Runners or “Foo Foo drink of the day” at $10.00 each!
Who can do that on a cruise?? Only 3 drinks? Who can resist those Foo Foo Drinks? We know you are in for an expensive 7 day boat ride if you like to party.

Think you can get away cheap by drinking Beer? THINK AGAIN! A 4 pack of “Beer-in-a-Bucket” is typically d at approx. $30.00 including the automatic gratuity! Wine is $7.00-$9.00 per glass! It all adds up so fast you won’t realize it until the end of the cruise!

Then it hits you, OMG, that great deal on this cruise just became super expensive! We know of many people that had over $1,000.00 in bar expense and didn’t even realize it! Don’t let this happen to you!

Stop The Madness!
Thankfully, you have found the simple and inexpensive solution…

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