Best Flask


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Best Flask

Best Flask

Wembley brand Themed Stainless Steel 4 oz hip flask with filling funnel.

MSRP $20

Durable stainless steel construction with a hinged holder for the cap to prevent dropping or losing it.

Filling funnel makes it easy to pour from a bottle or the faucet if you are inclined to carry about 4 oz of water.

I prefer Glenmorangie ten year old single malt scotch in mine. Failing that, MacAllan 18 will do fine.

I guess one could try to filling with bourbon or vodka if all else fails.

Whatever you put in it, the flask is neat, discreet and petite. Will only make a slight bulge in your pocket.

Great football game companion.

Wash well before use.

Product number 319

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A little party never hurt anyone, Nothing Epic Ever happens from drinking water, Wet your Whistle, Let it Pour hit the floor

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